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Sit down with Champions Funding’s President and COO Natalie Verrette

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

A tumultuous time in the industry calls for strong leadership. President and Chief Operating Officer Natalie Verrette sat down with Josh Pitts of Shred Media for a seriously moving and mind-blowing conversation about the status of mortgage lenders in the Non-QM space, the partnership we're developing with brokers, and her inspirational story of moving from junior receptionist to the head of Champions Funding. It's a story about innovation and staying true to your mission.

The veteran of the industry shares her insight on the current state of the industry, plus what's ahead for Champs TPO.

Natalie commented on the future of Champions saying, “We're still here to help the underserved and the CDFI eligible borrowers” and the team of Champs are working hard to build a sustainable business that provides options and opportunity for the clients they serve.

The conversation continued by sharing the true value partnerships and the role your Champs team is playing in growing business.

Find the true value of partnerships!


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