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Learn more about loan options available for your homebuyers through our CDFI loan programs.

Why Champs

Champions Funding is a nationwide wholesale lender that provides non-traditional access to mortgage financing.  With unique Non-QM & CDFI loan programs, Champions Funding empowers YOU, our valued Broker Partners, to fulfill the dreams of diverse homeowners as well as realize the mission of serving underserved communities. Learn more below and partner with us today!

We're Here to Serve Your Non-Traditional Borrowers

Flexible & modern lending solutions for more borrowers. 

Get to know our Consumer and Business Purpose loan options.

Consumer Purpose


Consumer - No Ratio

Open the opportunity of homeownership to more diverse borrowers

  • Up to 80% LTV allowed

  • Loan amounts up to $2M

  • FICOs as low as 640

  • No DTI calc on O/O & 2nd homes

  • 100% gift funds allowed

  • 1 day from BK seasoning settled/discharged


Consumer - Alt Doc

Flexible solutions with broader qualification methods and doc types

  • Loan amounts up to $4M

  • 660 FICO up to 80% LTV

  • First Time Home Buyers eligible

  • Unlimited cash-out at 65% LTV

  • 40-year interest only available

  • Minimum 30-day asset seasoning required

Business Purpose


Business - DSCR + No Ratio

Debt Service Coverage Ratio + No Ratio options

  • No Ratio up to $2M / DSCR up to $3.5M

  • FICOs as low as 620

  • No Max on Financed Properties

  • Use Short Term Rental to qualify

  • Condole Financing Available up to 75% LTV

  • Cash-out may be used as reserves


Business - DSCR

More options for DSCR financing for your high FICO, investor borrowers

  • Min. 700 FICO for purchase and rate & term refinance, DSCR ≥ 1.0

  • Min. 720 FICO for cash-out refinance, DSCR ≥ 1.1

  • Max loan amount $2M

  • Business purpose, non-owner occupied

  • Max LTV: Reduced by 10% for I/O only


Business - Foreign National

No credit score, no ratio, no problem

  • Foreign National No Ratio Financing

  • Loan amounts up to $1.5M

  • 70% Max LTV

  • No credit score required

  • Investment properties only

  • Use Short Term Rental to qualify

Condotels, non-warrantable condos, and mixed-use properties accepted on most programs.

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Why Champs


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Are you ready to tap into the $1 trillion market of underserved & qualified communities who don’t qualify for standard financing?  Become an approved broker today!

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