4 Things to Look for in a Non-QM Lender

June 27, 2022

4 Things to Look for in a Non-QM Lender

Non-QM is no longer a supplemental add-on for your portfolio.  Now, more than ever, it’s vital to have options for a range of borrowers.  Gone are the days of traditional W2’s filling every file on your desk. But with Non-QM as a go-to for a growing population of borrowers, how do you select the right Non-QM lender?  

Here’s what to look for in a Non-QM lender:

1. A lender who specializes in Non-QM

The Non-QM market is booming, causing traditional agency lenders to throw their virtual hats in the ring.  Inexperience in this unique niche can cost you a lot more than the deal – it’s your business and your reputation on the line.  Instead, choose a wholesale lender who’s knowledgeable and adept at handling these unique loans.

2. A full suite of Non-QM options

Your non-traditional borrowers come with their own goals and paths to qualification.  Make sure your Non-QM lender has a full suite of options to serve their needs, including DSCR and No Ratio.  Programs for both consumers and investors, plus a range of accepted documentation, mean you can find the best fit for each scenario.

3. Smart workflow that yields an optimal customer experience

Hot deals are great for concert tickets.  When choosing your Non-QM lender, compare the price AND the process.  Ensure that you’ll be able to get your loan to the closing table.  If the process is a roller coaster, you may find your borrowers refuse to ride.

4. Unyielding support

Feel like you could close that conventional loan with your eyes closed?  What about the individual situations that make up Non-QM?  Your lender should have accessible support that expedites your process to serve you and your borrowers.

When selecting a Non-QM lender, you’re looking for specialized support and offerings.  Work with a wholesale lender like Champions Funding to bring you robust programs for your consumer and investor borrowers looking for options outside of the traditional agency boxes. Paired with procedures to reduce friction and best-in-class support, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you work with the Champs.

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