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A Lender for the People -

At Champions Funding, as a wholesale mortgage lender, we are hyper-focused on the Non-QM market and as a result, we're focused on you and your success as you navigate loan options for your borrowers who may not meet traditional agency guidelines.  

Our flagship, Ally No Ratio loan programs serves a bigger purpose and helps you tap into a market of underserved borrowers in historically underserved communities, by providing access to credit-worthy and who need a champion, like YOU! 

Streamlined Processes
  • Streamlined approvals with minimal conditions

  • Quick turn times 

  • Direct contact with empowered decision-makers

  • Get put on a pathway to a YES by eliminating underwriting friction

  • User-friendly, common-sense guidelines 

Community-Focused Programs
  • Alt-Doc offering flexible solutions with broader qualification methods and documentation types

  • Consumer Neighborhood - No income/No DTI calculations

  • Business Purpose DSCR 

Growing Your Business
  • Personalized support to grow your business

  • Non-QM education and training for all levels of experience  

  • Focus on collaboration within the wholesale mortgage broker community

  • Complimentary marketing materials

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