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Champion your loan with the Champs of the Non-QM market. As a wholesale lender who specializes in this unique program, we’re committed to fostering our partnership with you, our Broker Partners.

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Consumer Anchor

Your Borrowers, Our Solutions

CDFI eligible rate improvements available on all loan programs

Consumer Purpose

Owner-Occupied | No Ratio

Open the doors of homeownership for credit-worthy borrowers who don’t bank traditionally or have otherwise been locked out from opportunities and access to financing

  • Loan Amounts up to $2M

  • FICOs as low as 660

  • Up to 80% LTV Allowed

  • No DTI calc on O/O & 2nd Homes

  • 100% gift funds allowed for downpayment

  • No VOR required on FTHB Purchases

Alt Doc | 40 YR Interest-Only

Flexible solutions with broader qualification methods and documentation types.

  • Loan amounts up to $3M

  • 680 FICO up to 85% LTV

  • Up to 6% Seller's Concessions allowed

  • 40 year terms w/ interest only available

  • Up to 10 Acres Allowable

  • Rent Free letter accepted as VOR

ITIN Activator
Alt-Doc | For Non-U.S. Citizens

ITIN is an alternative form of identification for non-US citizens who live and pay taxes in the United States but don't have an SSN.

  • Up to 85% LTV (Purchase & R/T)

  • Up to 75% LTV (Cash out)

  • FICOs as low as 660

  • Transferred appraisals accepted

  • First-time homebuyers are welcome

  • Gift funds allowed for down payment & closing costs, no minimum contribution

Business Anchor

Business Purpose

DSCR | No Ratio 
  • Up to 80% LTV available

  • No Ratio 700+ FICO (DSCR < .75)

  • 660+ FICO for cash-out, DSCR ≥ .75 - .99

  • FICOs as low as 620 accepted

  • First time investors allowed, min FICO 680

  • Transferred appraisals accepted

  • Broker points & fees up to 5% permitted

  • DSCR and reserve calculation ITIA only on IO loans

  • Cash out may be used for reserves

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