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Hear Founder & CEO Evan M. Stone share an inside look at launching Champions Funding

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

What’s the real value in Non-QM? It’s in giving people, who have been left without options, a shot at the dream of homeownership with alternative financing solutions.

In “Together We Rise as Champions,” mortgage industry influencer and podcast host Josh Pitts of Shred Media interviews Champions Funding’s Founder and CEO, Evan M. Stone. The live event covered the mission to serve the underserved, the reasons Stone jumped back into the mortgage industry, and the operational excellence we’re bringing to the broker community that we serve.

“If I get back in, I want to really do something that combines…running a successful business with helping people.”
-Evan M. Stone

Want to know the provocative question asked of Stone?

Tune in here to stream & find out!

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