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Founded in 2021 as a Community Development Financial Institution, Champions Funding LLC is a nationwide wholesale lender that provides non-traditional access to mortgage financing.  With unique Non-QM loan programs, Champions Funding LLC empowers Broker Partners to fulfill the dreams of their diverse homeowners as well as realize the mission of serving underserved communities.


our mission

We live to serve the underserved. Our mission-based and community-directive aims to provide options for borrowers that aren’t possible with agency programs.


Service of Champions

Champions think Yes before NO. We act as catalyst in solving complicated challenges with simplified solutions.


As Champions, we listen to understand versus listening to respond. We strive for a better way through learning from the team and embracing new ideas.

Integrity of Champions

Champs "Do the right thing. Period." We are committed to honesty, trust, and full transparency within our internal and external team members, as well as our community.


Natalie Verrette_Headshot_2.jpg
Natalie Verrette
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Natalie is an industry veteran with 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. As the President & COO of Champions Funding LLC, she specializes in all aspects of mortgage fulfillment. Her acute understanding of market development, recruiting, strategic planning, partnerships and communications enables her to steer the path for Champions Funding LLC’s success.  Natalie’s passion in motivating the Champions team in living to serve the underserved is only exceeded by her passion for her husband and two children.

RobertBernabe 1.jpg
Rob Bernabe
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Rob Bernabe is a passionately engaged industry veteran with 35 years in a variety of roles. He has successfully served to navigate companies through explosive growth, such as E*Trade Mortgage and H&R Block Mortgage Corporation, and helped build other companies from start-up to maturity in a variety of business climates. Rob’s broad depth of industry knowledge helps him, as he likes to say, “express the story of our people through the art of numbers”. Rob’s CPA pedigree was founded at KPMG, where he served financial services clients in the United States and Australia. He is a published author, speaker, volunteer, and most importantly – a husband and a father of two children.

Maria Coh-Prospero.jpg
Maria Coh-Prospero
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Maria is our EVP of People, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience. With more than ten years of specialized experience in the mortgage and servicing industry, Maria is an expert in managing HR, IT, Servicing Oversight, and Client and Broker Management. Maria is known for her ability to get things done. She has a proven track record of driving organizational effectiveness through strategic leadership, team building, and talent management. Her extensive industry knowledge and keen eye for emerging trends enable her to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients and partners, both internal and external.

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Christy Mindell
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Christy Mindell brings over 20 years of experience in financial services marketing, project management, event planning, business intelligence, corporate branding, targeted email marketing, social media strategies, niche product marketing, direct mail, blogging, print and online advertising, client acquisition, plus retention strategies and tactics.  Throughout her career, she has proven she is a multi-talented product management leader with a strong understanding of an array of marketing and communication strategies that drive engagement and communicate value.  Her approachable style makes her a tremendous value to sales teams fostering their growth, plus the ultimate brand ambassador during traditional, digital, and event marketing opportunities.  Christy fosters a motivating internal culture that motivates marketers and mortgage professionals to increase their roles and personal brands.

Liz Lisk_Headshot_White.jpg
Liz Lisk
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Liz is an accomplished leader within the mortgage industry with over 20 years of Operational oversight experience. As the Executive Vice President of Operations at Champions Funding, she oversees the day-to-day Operational Management.  Liz has an insatiable passion to create a seamless transaction for our clients, team members, and borrowers by constantly improving Champions process flows, originations platform, and overall experience.  She passionately empowers our team members through mentorship and forward-thinking leading them to success.

Annette Spacy_Headshot_White.jpg
Annette Arevalo
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Annette brings a decade of Customer Support experience as the Senior Vice President of Operations.  Her ingenuity, transparency, and friendly approach to the resolution of challenges foster a “can-do” environment for our internal and external clients.  Her acute ability to identify opportunities for enhancing the customer experience paired with her positive disposition empowers our Champions Customer Relations Team to effectively make a real-time impact and change to the overall customer experience.  Her passions outside of work are her family and the love of her 4 legged furry pups.


Evan Stone_Headshot_v2.jpg
Evan M. Stone
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Patty Arvielo
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Founded by industry leaders Evan M. Stone and Patty Arvielo, Champions Funding LLC taps into decades of proven success.  Accelerated by the desire to do more for diverse homebuyers, they’ve brought together a team of motivated mortgage professionals ready to serve.

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