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What is an ITIN Loan?
We take pride in providing financing options to borrowers who are not U.S. citizens and use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

An ITIN loan expands the American Dream to more borrowers. Your potential borrowers are wondering, "Can I get a loan with an ITIN number?"  Champion their dreams of homeownership, asset accrual, and credit building with ITIN loans from the Champs.

Reach More Borrowers with ITIN Loans

ITIN Borrowers are Non-U.S. citizens who live, work, and pay taxes in the United States.
As non-citizens, they may not qualify for traditional financing. Offer loan solutions to this underserved market! 

Owner-Occupied Borrowers

ITIN Activator is an Alt-Doc offering for borrowers looking to finance their dream home.

Real Estate Investors

Qualify investors with a property's income. No personal docs required for DSCR.
It's true! We offer both consumer and business purpose loans with an ITIN! Find out more about ITINs from the IRS.

ITIN Loan Programs Overview

Champs TPO offers two unique options for ITIN Borrowers: ITIN Activator (Borrowers) and ITIN Accelerator (Investors). Get to know the most inclusive loan products we offer.
ITIN for Borrowers
ITIN for Investors
Loan amounts up to $1M
Loan amounts up to $1M
Up to 85% LTV (Purchase & R/T)
Up to 85% LTV (Purchase & R/T)
Up to 75% LTV (Cash out)
Cash out can be used towards reserves*
FICOs as low as 660
FICOs as low as 660
Transferred appraisals accepted
Transferred appraisals accepted
First-time homebuyers welcome
First-time homebuyers welcome*
Gift fund allowed for down payment & closing costs, no minimum contribution
Short-term rentals allowed*
*See full guidelines for eligibility and additional requirements.

ITIN Mortgage Loans

Wondering what makes Champion Funding one of the best mortgage lenders for ITIN loans?
Broad qualification methods & documentation types accepted
Quick closings with less friction
Inclusive guidelines that propel our mission to serve the underserved

Increase Opportunity for Yourself & Your Borrowers

We are a 100% Non-QM mortgage lender. Bank Statement, Alt-Doc, DSCR, and ITIN loans make us your go-to for non-traditional financing.  When you expand your offerings, you expand your potential.

Add Champions Funding Non-QM loan products to your suite of services by partnering with us today.

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Champion your loan with the Champs of the Non-QM Market

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